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Jersey Giant

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Originally called the Jersey Black Giant after the brothers who developed the breed, the Jersey Giant is the worlds largest chicken. It was developed in New Jersey in America around 1870 as a dual-purpose bird. The early birds were exceptionally heavy and roosters were often caponised (castrated) which allowed them to grow to an astounding 20lbs! They are thought to have been bred from crosses of Orpingtons, Dark Brahmas, Black Javas and Black Langshans. The Black variety was the first to be developed, followed by the White in the mid-20th Century, which is a sport of the Black. The Blue laced variety is a more modern introduction and is the most beautiful. They are enormous birds, well built with a long deep breast and this build is described as brick shaped. Their featherless legs are black with a green sheen apart from the White variety, which are of a dark willow shade, but the undersides of the feet are yellow unlike the Australorps, which has white soles. The eyes are dark brown and they have a single bright red comb, long wattles and ear lobes.


These large birds need a lot of space but are unable to fly so boundaries do not have to be particularly high to keep them confined. They aren't really good pets for small children because of their great size though. They do go broody and the hens make very protective mothers. The chicks are slow growing and don't develop their large frame until they reach around 6 months of age. They are strong, robust birds, which are hardy in cold weather and they are calm and gentle and will tolerate each other well. The hens lay around 160 large, brown eggs a year. Cocks will reach an average of 13lbs in weight while the females are around 10lbs.


Black, White and Blue.



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Great Chicken -

I raised Jersey Giants from hatching eggs and was lucky enough to get a blue/lavendar Cockerel we named Big Bird. He was the nicest friendliest bird ever and used to follow us around like a huge puppy. The hens were fabulous too. Great breed for those with patience while these birds grow! Highly recommended for the garden and lovely eggs but not prolific layers.

they are very nice and lay allot of eggs -

they are very nice and lay allot of eggs

Awesome -

I love the Jersey Giants. They follow me around. Come running when I'm outside. They come when called. Their beauty with the iridescent feathers. Egg production is great. These birds are a joy to be around!

Five star breed all round for me - Essex,

I have kept many breeds of chickens in my life and Jersey Giants so far are one of my favourite of the many pure breed chickens. There is nothing more delightful than when Pansy my top JG hen hears my footsteps on the patio and clucks for joy, leaps the run fence and gallops (in that crazy chicken way) down the garden to see what treats I may have for her - she doesn't do this very often but when she does it is usually on a day that I am in real need of cheering up. Does she know I wonder? My JG girls all lay a lovely white egg for me every day without fail and my magnificent Rooster (can be seen in photos in this section) is just that - truly magnificent. He looks after his girls in such a gentle yet firm manner - a true gentleman or should I say gentle giant!

Superb breed -

I have had Blacks Jersey Giants for more than 10 years and have found them to be the quietest natured breed. They are very quiet and tame and respond well to handling. They remain calm and very friendly throughout their lives, and I have yet to have a male bird with a bad disposition. They lay medium sized eggs and although Black Australorps are more frequent layers, Giants are still excellent productive birds. They are quite spectacular and are fun to show because of their calm nature and off the charts good looks. I have always gotten stock from established breeders rather than hatcheries. Our motto is "Them Giants got class" and they do. They also get along very well with all other breeds. A great bird to own, show or just emjoy!!