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Scots Dumpy Chickens

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Scots Dumpy History

Scots Dumpy, also known as Bakies, Crawlers and Creepies have been bred in Scotland for over a century. Similar breeds can be traced back to AD900 and it is said that the Picts used to carry them into their battle camps where they used to warn of approaching strangers. They have a very heavy body and waddle as they walk due to their very short legs. They are large, low birds with long broad bodies, a deep breast and medium sized, neatly tucked wings. The tail is long and flowing and they have a fine head. The beak is curved, the eyes are large and bright and they have a medium single comb which is upright and serrated. The face is smooth and the earlobes are small while the wattles are medium sized. They have four toes and very short legs.

Scots Dumpy Behaviour

The Scots Dumpy is a wonderful sitter and is an ideal mother. They are quiet, placid birds and are well suited to cold climates. They need nice easy ground to live on as their legs are so short. They like to be able to free range but care with diet needs to be taken as they do get fat easily. Chicks need special drinking and feeding care as they are not able to cope with high feeders and drinkers. They should also be kept off wet grass as they chill easily. The adults can reach 7lb and are good meaty birds.

Scots Dumpy Varieties

There is no definitive coloring for the Scots Dumpy. It can be seen in black, cuckoo, white, brown, silver and gold. The cuckoo coloration is light grey with dark grey bands. In all varieties, the eyes are red and the comb, face, wattles and earlobes are all bright red. The beak, legs and feet are white except for the black variety which have slate grey or black legs. The cuckoo has mottled legs and feet.

Scots Dumpy Pictures

our scotch dumpy cockerel and his pekin friend
Scots dumpy chicken

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- Wilmer,

Can anybody here have dumpy eggs available? Please msg me I been looking for dumply chickens for a while . I used to have them long ago and I'm ready to raise them again. Thanks in advance.

Wonderful Dumpys! - Dumpy,

I kept and bred Scots Dumpys for years and absolutely adored them. Many of them laid eggs for most of the year and the eggs are second to none, I've never tasted better eggs than Dumpies. Not white but light brown. I had black, cuckoo and white birds, all very short legged except for one nice hen, my pet cock bird Hamish weighed 9lb and lived for 8 yrs, a good age for a male. My last hen lived to be 12yrs and was a wonderful pet, she followed me everywhere and sat on my knee. It pays to handle them as with all hens, to check for health issues and keep them tame. I miss them terribly.

- Shauna,

I have 1 scots dumpy rooster and 4 rhode island red hens and i think that scots dumpys are great garden birds.They are friendly but can be a bit shy.They do well in a mixed flock and so are perfectly suited to the family enviroment!

Scots Dumpy's - Dumpy,

The original colours for Scots Dumpy's were black and cuckoo. This article is wrong when it says there is no set colour for Scots Dumpy's. When the breed almost died out, some breeders introduced Dorking which is where the other colours come from, so any Scots Dumpy's in any other colours than black or cuckoo are not pure bred and should not be used in breeding. Scots Dumpy's are one of the rarest Rare Breed fowl and carry the lethal gene which in most cases causes 25% dead in shell when incubating. Scots Dumpy's legs should not be longer than one and a half inches, although some will hatch with longer legs, the longer legged birds should have legs no longer than 2 and a half inches long maximum. They rarely go broody (article is incorrect again). But if they do then make good mothers. They lay very large long eggs, some lay cream shelled some beige/brown. They are good layers and make good pets. There are a few bantam Scots Dumpy's around, again this began when breeders introduced other breeds to bring numbers up, using Pekins, Dorkings etc. Originally there were no bantam Scots Dumpy's and should not be a bantam version.

Fantastic Chicken - Mark,

These little hens produce an egg a day. While they look small the eggs are fulll sized. Great little characters to work with as well which makes them a joy to have.

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