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Nankin Bantam Chickens

Nankin Bantam History

The Nankin bantam is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of true bantams and has no larger counterpart. It is naturally a small breed with cocks weighing around 680g and hens 625g. It is believed to that they originated from the Chinese city of Nanking, hence the name, but their exact origin is unknown. They have been used to develop many other bantam breeds such as the Seabright, but are now considered critical on the Endangered Species list.

Nankin Bantam Behaviour

Nankin bantams are very friendly little birds. They are hardy, intelligent, easy to look after, calm and less flighty than other bantam breeds. Due to their small size and light frame, they are excellent flyers, so a run should have a roof if they are to be kept confined. However, they don't tend to wander too far if allowed to free range. The hens do go broody and make exceptional mothers, weveral hens often taking it in turns to sit on the eggs. Once hatched, even the cock bird will help with the chicks, showing them where to find the best food! They are very good for children, as they are small and placid. The hens lay quite well in Spring and Summer, with the eggs being very small and creamy white. Due to their small size, prominent comb and wattles, they aren't best suited to colder Northern climates, unless extra protection is offered.

Cocks weigh around 680g and hens 625g.

Nankin Bantam Varieties

Only Buff, but 2 combs types - Single 5 point and rose comb with single spike.

Nankin Bantam Status


Nankin Bantam Pictures

Young cockerel with his pa

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