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Modern Langsham Chickens

Modern Langsham History

The Modern Langsham is a breed of chicken bred from the Croad Langsham. The Croad Langsham was brought from China and bred to have longer legs and tighter feathering; which produced the Modern Langsham. It is classed as a heavy breed of chicken with the Cocks weighing 9 pounds and the hens 7-8 pounds. Like many breeds, numbers declined over the years, but after the Second World War, breeding started again.

Modern Langsham Behaviour

Modern Langshams are good foragers and benefit if you allow them to free range if possible. They are classed as an ornamental breed, but lay large dark brown eggs - around 180 per year, which isn't bad for such a large breed! They have a very calm temperament and are very well suited to back garden chicken keeping. It is said that they are friendly, docile birds, but are still quite active when foraging, however, they will tolerate confinement well. They will go broody, but aren't the most determined sitters, however they make good mothers once the chicks have hatched. Being such large chickens, they don't fly well, but can still jump a pretty impressive distance, so a secure garden is important.

Modern Langsham Varieties

Blue, Black and White.

Modern Langsham Status


Modern Langsham Pictures

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