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Yokohama Chickens

Yokohama chicken in tree branches Beautiful yokohama chicken exploring in gravel

Yokohama History

The Yokohama originates from Japan and was first exported from the port of Yokohama, hence the name. They were developed as an ornamental or show breed and are best known for their beautifully long tails and long saddle feathers. The breed should have yellow skin and a walnut or pea comb. It is available in large fowl and now a miniature version.

Yokohama Behaviour

Yokohamas are elegant birds and well suited to a back garden flock. They are friendly, easily tamed birds, but can be a little bit flighty if not handled often. Hens lay tinted or cream eggs, but not very often; it is said that if you feed them a much higher protein diet, such as fish, they will lay every day. The only down side to such a beautiful long tail is the condition of it when it rains or is muddy. Breeders keep the birds indoors to prevent damage/discolouration etc to their birds and keep them in conditions that prevent moulting to keep the bird in top condition for tail growth. It can grow up to one metre per year. Special higher perches are advisable to allow the tail to hang freely to prevent damage to the tail. They are a wonderfully attractive addition to a garden, but do need extra special care to fully look after this breed. Yokohamas have a calm, docile demeanor and cope well with confinement in a mixed flock. They aren't the hardiest of breeds, so consideration is needed in colder climates.

Large fowl cocks weigh around 4.5 pounds and hens around 3.5 pounds. Miniature cocks weigh 740g and hens 625g.

Yokohama Varieties

White, Red shouldered

Yokohama Status

Fairly common

Yokohama Pictures

yokohama cockerel
yokohama cockerel

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