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Crevecoeur Chickens

Crevecoeur History

The origin of the Crevecoeur is uncertain, but it’s believed that they originated in Normandy sometime during the 12th century. One of the oldest breeds of chicken in France, its name means “broken heart”. Crevecoeurs nearly went extinct during WW2, but thanks to conservation efforts, are making a comeback. They are still considered endangered globally.

Crevecoeur Behaviour

Crevecoeur are known to be quiet and gentle, making them ideal pets. They are moderately broody, and lay between 120-150 medium to large eggs per year. Their crests make them targets in mixed flocks, and should only be kept with birds of similar appearance. They do well in containment, and should be protected from moisture due to their crests.

Crevecoeur Varieties

Crevecoeurs are solid black in appearance, with compact bodies and moderate crests and beards. Their combs are “v” shaped, and have small wattles and earlobes. Roosters weigh around 8 pounds, with hens weighing around 6 pounds.

Crevecoeur Status


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