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The Australorp was developed as a utility breed in Australia in the 1920s from the Black Orpington primarily for egg production rather than for its meat. The name originates from the club which was founded for them, The Austral Orpington Club. They are excellent layers of tinted eggs and hold the world record for egg production as a hen of the breed laid 364 eggs in 365 days! They are smaller and neater than Orpingtons but still have a lot of meat on them. The feathers of the black birds have a wonderful beetle-green sheen and they have a prominent dark eye. Their comb is single and evenly serrated while their earlobes are red as are their medium length wattles. Their black legs are strong and free from feathers and they have 4 toes.


The Australorp is an active breed and they are fast growers with hens reaching point of lay at around five months of age. They are amazingly productive and are not prone to broodiness. They make good pets as they are calm and friendly birds although they are a little heavy for children to pick up. There is a ¼ sized bantam version though which would be much more suitable for children to keep as pets. They will happily live in runs but they do enjoy being allowed to free range. They aren't good fliers so fencing doesn't need to be particularly high. They are also very hardy and will stand cold weather well. An Australorp cock will weigh in at around 8½ lbs while the hens tend to be in the region of 6½lbs.


There are two colours the black which has feathers with a lustrous green sheen and the blue whose feathers are slate blue feathers with darker lacing.


Fairly common

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Best layer and nice broiler breed

Australorps -

I have two Australorps Marge and Martha. Marge has always since day one has layed large double yolk eggs, but the down fall is she is very very broody. So i just go her six chicks and she is a wonderful mother absolutely in her prime! Martha lays nice large eggs, she has NEVER been broody! they are very friendly and great to have around.

Australorp -

I would recommend this breed because they lay over 300 eggs a year and they make good quality meat


Love my lorps! -

I have two beautiful girls, Rosie and Pineapple and Colin our cockerel. They are lovely big birds and real characters, especially Rosie. The smallest, but no means small, she loves to roam around and regularly escapes. She has now worked out where the food is kept and knows that at 5pm it's corn time so she wanders up the garden fearless of the dogs turning up to wait for me by the door to the food shed! She then sits on my lap for a stroke and eat some corn before running back alongside me to the run where the others wait. Colin is a great defender and when the girls got into the main garden with the dogs, he flew over the 3ft fence to their defence! Luckily know one was harmed, although I'm not sure left to their own devices who would have one out as Colin's has talons an eagle would be proud of! Pick him up for a cuddle though and he is a big softie. We are hoping to have chicks this year and extend our little brood. The eggs taste amazing with large orange yolks yummm...

Breeder Clubs for Australorps

Australorp Club of Great Britain

Email: ian@australorpclubgb.wanadoo.co.uk

Website: www.poultryclub.org/australorpclubgb/

Telephone: 01636 814958