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Thai Game Chickens

Thai game rooster strutting around Thai game rooster pecking

Thai Game History

The Tajik Game originates from Thailand and is a large game breed of the 'jungle fowl' type. They have an upright stance, but less exaggerated than the Shamo family. It has a very long tail which is carried almost horizontally and a very light frame. They have small combs and wattles and were bred originally for use in cock fighting. The breed is known as Gaichon - 'Gai' means chicken and 'Chon' means fight.

Thai Game Behaviour

The Thai Game has very strong legs and as such is the fastest of the Asian hard feathered varieties. It is very agile when running, probably down to its jungle fowl roots. It is a natural forager and many Thai villages have a flock or two wandering around, almost semi wild. They are a hardy breed and can cope with extremes of temperature and adverse weather conditions. Housing/run areas should be robust with secure latches and fencing as they are strong intelligent birds with a skill for escapism. Free ranging is well suited to them and they require little in additional feeding, subject to a very large free ranging area. Hens lay around 100 tinted eggs per year, but due to their muscular bodies, aren't the best brooders. They do make good mothers but can be a bit too protective. They can be added to a mixed flock and many believe this is the best thing to do, as Thai Game hens can be aggressive to each other.

Cocks weigh around 7 pounds and hens 6 pounds.

Thai Game Varieties

Black, Yellow-white tailed, Brown, Gold, White, Grey, Blue

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