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Sebright Chickens

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Sebright History

The Sebright is a British breed of bird. A chap called Sir John Sebright developed the bird during the early 1800\'s. They are a cross between a common bantam and a polish fowl. By 1874 the breed was divided into separate breeds, the Golden Laced and Silver Laced Sebrights and the following year the names were changed to Golden and Silver Sebrights. By 1899 The Sebright became one breed with two varieties, Golden and Silver with the shape and color defined separately. Through the early 1900s the breed was continually developed with refinements to the shape, size and color, until by 1952 the breed became established into the standard that is recognized today

Sebright Behaviour

They are difficult birds to raise and therefore are not suitable for the beginner. The adults are hardy and active and like to free range. If there are trees around them they do like to roost in them. They do not lay many eggs but the ones they do are small and white. Sebrights are very upright birds that like to strut around.

Sebright Varieties

There are now two recognized varieties, Golden and Silver. The golden color is often described as rich and deep, while the silver is actually white. The Sebright is famous for the quality of the lacing in its feathers. Each feather is edged with black, making the ground color appear brighter and more striking. It is a true bantam having no larger counterpart in poultry breeds.

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Delightful, friendly and funny - Gaynor,

I have two golden sebrights and they are my first chickens. They are intelligent, funny, talkative and cuddly. They love to sit on my husband's shoulder whilst he's on the computer and often fall asleep there. They generally lay an egg every other day but have recently been moulting so not many eggs presently. They don't generally trash my garden except for one planter they have decided to adopt as a dirt bath - very funny to watch, I had no idea chickens roll around in the dirt with their legs in their air whilst making a purring noise. They are house hens so they have a ferplast cage indoors where they roost at night, the rest of the time they are in an outdoor enclosure for the morning and free range in the garden during the afternoon. Very spoilt and are training us well.

Seabright Hen - Mike,

I have a Seabright hen which is an adorable little bird, very bold and friendly. I also have two white Silkies which are kept in the same run, the Silkies keep very much together which leeaves the Seabright out of it, I would like another Seabright for the birds companionship. If you know any hen keepers who have Seabrights for sale in the Doncaster or Scunthorpe area I would be most appreciative.

4 girls,1 boy - Paul,

I've heard all sorts of things about this breed but i can tell you that my family of Golden Sebrights are the best birds i've ever had. Yes they are noisy and like to be free range but after 4 years now with a little bit of love they are tame and very friendly. They don't lay well in the cold months but are just fine in the summer. The boy looks awsome all the time,walking tall and keeping his girls in check. They work together well keeping an eye out for each otherall the time. They do like to roost high so a 7ft or 8 ft perch in the Coop is a must. They love grated cheese and live crickets as a treat.Just for laughs put the crickets in to the hay and watch the girls go crazy. Happy Flocking

Our Sebright family - Dorothy,

Bobby Dazler is a very handsome upright perky little golden Sebright cockerel. Looks after his golden girls Trixie, and Dixie, and Sylvia the silver Sebright lady. They tend to keep together as a 'family', and are very attractive birds to have in the garden. Entertaining to watch as Bobby lifts his wing and flaps it as he flirts around one of his girls. They love grated chese, and cooked spaghetti as treats, but will forage around and explore the garden all day. ix well with other breeds.

A lovely bird - Andree,

I have had a very beautiful golden sebright for 3 years but from all the descriptions, she should be laying a white egg. Mine is laying a pale pink/brown egg. She is very hardy..has survived a raccoon attack which we thought had killed her. Within a week of washing her wounds, she made a complete recovery. I recommend them.

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