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Ex-Battery Hen Chickens

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Ex-Battery Hen History

The ex-bat was hatched around the time of World War 2 when nutritious food needed to be cheap and plentiful to feed at nation at war. The use of battery cages increased slowly until by the 1990's about 75% of all the chickens in the world were kept in cages. Millions of hens are still housed in cramped cages and from that day to this the battery hen has been largely out of sight and out of mind.

Ex-Battery Hen Behaviour

If you don’t need fancy feathers and prefer something a little rough and ready, the ex-bat’s your girl! What she lacks in the looks department, she will more than make up for with both an endearing nature and, usually, good egg production. All ex-bats come with great charm and a big personality.

Ex-Battery Hen Varieties

All are commercial hybrids and basically range from Brown Tatty Threadbare through to Brown Beauty with the occasional Snow White Amberlink! All will blossom much as the Ugly Duckling did with a bit of TLC.