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Satsumadori Chickens

Satsumadori History

The Satsumadori originates from Japan, where is was bred for use in cock fighting. A 10cm knife was attached to the leg of each competitor for use in knife fights! The region of Satsuma (now called Kagoshima) gives it it's name. The Satsumadori was developed by cross breeding Shamo and Shokoku breeds with local fowl, to produce a large upright bird, with impressive tail feathers. The modern day bird has now been bred to be larger than the original and is now bred for meat. They take a very long time to reach maturity and aren't classed as adults until late into their second year. The Satsumadori first arrived in Europe in the 1980's and is mainly seen at Poultry shows across the country.

Satsumadori Behaviour

Satsumadoris are very large, powerful birds with strong musculature. They are very active and do best if allowed to free range, which allows them to forage and prevents boredom. Only one male should be kept to prevent fighting. Care should be taken with males as their very long tail feathers can quickly become matted and dirty. The males also have very long saddle feathers. It is fair to say that keeping males requires a lot of care and attention, more so than other breeds. Hens make very good broodies and are devoted mothers. They don't lay very often, but when they do, the eggs are white/tinted.

Cocks weigh up to 8 pounds and hens around 5.5 pounds.

Satsumadori Varieties

Black, White, Silver Duckwing, Red/Black

Satsumadori Status


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