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Great rare breed - Meaghan,

Excellent rare breed but very flighty.

Friendly; and fantastic mothers. - Christine,

My experiences of La Fleches appear to differ from the norm. All my birds (both sexes) are extremely friendly. They follow me about and sit on my shoulders and lap. Lucy has been a fantastic broody and mother. She looked after her babies for 13 weeks. They are also very intelligent-the border collies of the chicken world.

La Fleche blue - Peter,

I am breeding rare poultry La Fleche 10 years. I started with black. I imported inc. eggs from Mrs. Jarosova from Prague. Sveral times i bought cocks in Germany. 3 years ago I imorted inc. eggs from german breeder, and I hatched blue chickens. In december 2013 I swown blue La Fleche cock in Europa Show in Leipzig. Now I have flock with black cock and 4 blue and 4 black hens. The first eggs are in the incubator.

Great Pet - Luis,

I purchased a flock of these birds because I read in Mother Nature Network, , that they were one of the best tasting chickens. They are Black Chickens with white ear-muffs and an arrow-like comb. They are feisty, flighty, but will always go back to their coop at night. I keep them away from other breeds of chickens because they like to peck at their feet-i guess it's because they taste real good. I've had them since day were a day old chicks, so I guess they are somewhat comfortable with me. They laid their first egg on the 23rd week. It was small and white. So I am guessing, they take about 6 months to lay.

Eye-catching breed - Chloe,

This fabulous breed are a worthy edition to any collection. Our three La Fleche are now 24 weeks old and are looking wonderful, they are a truly striking breed. The cockerel is friendly and is starting to develop his striking features such as the wonderful v-shape horns and the large wattles and ear lobes. We are very excited about the future of this great breed and we look forward to breeding some next year.