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- Michael,

I love my Ohicki. I have 1 roo and 5 hens. Also have nine chicks. 4 pullets and two roos and 3 too young to tell yet.

great birds tiny package - Lauren,

they are a short green legged breed that does not have the creeper gene they should have a soft tail rather than hard broad feathers they should not have feather shanks and should have white earlobes. the bodies are round. can have pea and single comb in the US. the ohiki lays white eggs the size you would find in a store and requires perches and a fully enclosed coop as they do fly rather high. I have kept multiple roosters together without incident as well as chicks. the breed also in the US comes in more colours than mentioned. Brassy back, black breasted red , gold duckwing, silver ducking, recessive white, mottled, crele, fibro, red pyle, wheaten, black, millie.

Ohiki - Maureen,

I have these in red/black, silver and also white. Just love them.