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Entertaining and excellent mousers. - Bwarkbwark,

I had 2 hens and a cockerel, the hens were very friendly and would roll over for a tummy rub. The cockerel was a fantastic character, highly protective of his hens, I still have the scars to prove it when I put my hand through the pop hole. He was fine with me in the garden though but wouldn't tolerate anyone else and would chase at surprising speed and with amazing stamina anyone else who entered his domain. He would attack without fear or mercy and even gave one of the neighbours dogs that had strayed into the garden a good doing over and it was not a small dog (it never ventured back) They would eat anything, were excellent mouse catchers and would play mouse rugby, shrieking in a frenzy of tackles and sprints until one of them would swallow the victim. The only problem with the hens was that they had some sort of neurological disorder that made them have jelly legs, it didn't progress and I was told that it was a result of inbreeding due to low stock levels.