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- Ryan,


Great Bantie!!! - Clancy,

Best bantam I have ever had. Very Garden friendly and a very attractive bantam.

Black minorca rose combs - Shirley,

I bought a trio last year after losing my two old hens at the ripe old age of 15 years and 16 years. They were very quiet and you could pick them up. Only one went to sit at 14 years of age. She hatched 3 out of four cream legbars all cocks. She died whilst we were on holiday. The trio we bought are also very quiet, walking into the house. They lay every day, unfortunately the cockeral died yesterday and I need to replace him urgently. Does anyone have a mature black rose comb cock for sale please. Please contact me on my e mail address.

ok - Dan,

These birds are wonderful show birds, but can also be agressive when the hen is broody. These lovely birds can be seen at alot of shows and are very popular with the visitors. Like all the other breeds the cockerel is more atractive than the hen as you can see at the top of this page.

rosecomb - Jim,

I have 5 cuckoo rosecombs and they are lovely little bantams.

Eggs and chicks galore! - Jane,

I bought a trio of Black Rosecomb bantams three years ago, Despite a severe fox attack last year which killed seven hens, I still have a flock of eighteen - seventeen hens and one very lucky cockerel. They have laid and laid and even now in the coldest December for years, I am still collecting six or seven eggs daily. Mine have often gone broody , producing a high number of hens in each clutch. Keep them away from your bizzie lizzies though as they'll eat them! The chicks are incredibly tiny but must be tougher then they look as I've got 4 of them outside now just a month old. The hens are very good and protective mothers.

Tiny little chickens! - Matt,

Rosecomb bantams are incredibly tiny!! They are an old english true bantam, and posses a wierd little comb and huge white earlobes. They are really friendly, but fly very well.

Best show hens ever! - An Omleteer,

I have many Rosecomb Bantams and not just do they lay eggs but they are winners in bantam shows. They are also very freindly and look nice in a garden big or small. The only bad thing about these hens is they are expensive.

Lovley little hens! - An Omleteer,

They are best for showing and egg laying.