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Whiting True Blue/Green Chickens

Whiting True Blue Green History

Dr. Tom Whiting developed this breed during the 1990s in Colorado, USA. Being a poultry geneticist and avid fly-fisherman, he created the breed in pursuit of feathers that could be used in making flies. The result of breeding White Leghorns with Ameraucana chickens resulted in the Whiting chicken of both blue and green varieties, so named for the colors of eggs they lay.

Whiting True Blue Green Behaviour

Whitings are best suited to free-range lifestyles, and take their roles as pest controllers very seriously. They’re slow to warm up to humans compared to other breeds, but if handled at a young age can be persuaded. Whitings are very independent birds that are courteous to their flockmates. They’re high producers of large eggs, laying up to 300 per year.

Whiting True Blue Green Varieties

Whiting True Blues come in a variety of patterns and colors, but will always lay blue eggs. The True Green variety of Whitings are red or chestnut in color, and will always lay green eggs.

Whiting True Blue Green Status

Fairly Common

Whiting True Blue Green Pictures

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