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Comments for Parakeet Food to Avoid

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Marian, 21 July 2021

can i give poppy seeds from my Garden to my budgies

Hilary, 9 June 2021

My budgie seems a little unwell and has been moulting for the past three or four months is there something I should be doing to help her. She is very loose toilet wise!!!!

Rebekah, 15 March 2021

Budgies should not eat banana pancakes. While banana is ok for budgies, milk is not.

Saru, 24 February 2020

Budgies don't eat insects PERIOD! please don't give false info ,people force them to eat insects/meat for no reason.They eat so many kinds of seeds,veggies,fruits,where is the need for anybody to feed anything else?

Aspen, 6 January 2020

Can budgies eat bannana pancakes? I have tried to look it up but there is no spesific answer and if so does it have any negative symptoms?

Kirtana, 18 November 2019

Can budgies eat ladyfingers and tomatoes ????

Mia, 13 November 2019

very good and informative

Chris, 11 November 2019

-Budgies Can eat lettuce but it has no nutritional value because of its' high moisture content... -budgies Can eat Flaxseed... -I feed my budgies boiled eggs once in a while leaving the shell on for calcium...Boiled eggs are good for your budgie especially when ill because eggs are a whole food loaded with nutrients and vitamins...

Chris, 10 November 2019

It mentions here no dairy for budgies but I have heard many times that a little cheese for birds is actually good for them...I have heard different opinions on many foods though such as bananas...Some ppl say yes and others say no...Ive heard that a little lemon or apple cider vinegar in their water once in a while can be beneficial especially when they are sick...

Grace, 20 October 2019

Can you feed your Budgie Butter Lettuce?

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