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Jersey Giants - Steve,

Hi all any jersey Giants breeders in Australia. Any help would be appreciated.

Lovely birds - Jay,

Lovely large fowl, so docile and friendly, my kids love them, not flighty at all, great with dogs also, nothing bothers these birds, also they lay huge eggs which is great

Great Chicken - Angela,

I raised Jersey Giants from hatching eggs and was lucky enough to get a blue/lavendar Cockerel we named Big Bird. He was the nicest friendliest bird ever and used to follow us around like a huge puppy. The hens were fabulous too. Great breed for those with patience while these birds grow! Highly recommended for the garden and lovely eggs but not prolific layers.

they are very nice and lay allot of eggs - Kaleb,

they are very nice and lay allot of eggs

Awesome - Peggy,

I love the Jersey Giants. They follow me around. Come running when I'm outside. They come when called. Their beauty with the iridescent feathers. Egg production is great. These birds are a joy to be around!

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