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- Tammy,

We have a very large Jersey giant and 2 jersey hens. The rooster , while quite fun to watch, has a bad tmeper and often attacks our legs. He just started doing this, I believe it may have something to do with his comming into maturity. We love him despite his temper, and the eggs we get from the hens are just a lovely, chocholate color. Weve named him Peter(A BIBLical name) and he does a cute dance around the females when I enter the coop. I wonder if this is common? There beautiful birds!

Best Breed Ever - Terri,

I love my my birds! BJG's are friendliest chickens I've ever owned. I treat them daily with Ramen Noodles and table scraps. They run to greet me everytime I go outside. I have a large coop and still let them free graze a few hours per day. This breed is truely the best!

- Gemma,

i have 3 hens and a cockeral they are lovely and very big they stand there ground with my jack russles. they always run to me and my children when they ear us in the garden. the cockeral can be a bit funny somedays more so with men he hasnt seen before so makes a great guard dog lol. they have all had chicks this summer and hatched them of there selfs. im very pleased with the jersy giants.

Jersey Black - Heather,

Hi have a Jersey Black hen and she's absolutely WONDERFUL! She's only about 3 months of age, but is the most laid back hen we've yet to raise (our flock is of a variety of chickens). She's not particularly curious about things, is slower to come around when called for scratch, but when handled, calms easily. Her black feathers don't look like much from afar, but up close they have a wonderful blue/green sheen to them. She's quite larger than all the other hens she was raised with, but is not a bully--at all. --heather

Fiesty! - Gurjeet,

I've only had my three 6 week old Jersey chicks a week now but they sure do know how to stand their ground! Already, the little boy has tried to peck the dog's eye out and had a stand off with a POL Speckled Sussex! He's also developing a love for engineering great escapes. But I've wanted this breed for so long now and its taken me ages to find a good breeder so I'm pleased I finally have them. Went to have a look at them and found the black to be the prettiest with a myrid of colours coming through on their feathers from greens, blues to purples. Gorgeous birds but rather a large breed so make sure you have the room and have taken their housing in to consideration.

Good choice for first time poultry owner - Janet,

My son picked Jersey Giants as the first birds to show in 4-H. They are really friendly, smart, do will at fairs and are very pretty with black feathers with green sheen on top. They did well in cold weather and had only a short break from laying eggs. They lay nice size light brown eggs. All and all, we have nothing but great things to say about this breed.

Great birds - Joe,

I only have a rooster at the moment but within a week of having him he eats out of my hand and is great with the kids, is always pleased to see me and is very talkative.

hens make excellent backgarden chicken - An Omleteer,

I have had my 'Jerseys' for 2yrs, all colours and in my opinion the hens are very friendly, docile and easily tamed, (my hens eat corn from your hand, rush to greet you, cluck to you and don't mind being petted by my children). They lay well, approx 180+ large brown eggs per hen and have laid well into the winter months. Cockrels are usually docile and friendly in temperament but occasionally you find an aggressive one, who guards his girls a little too well, (tends to be the white ones!). The cockrels crow in this breed is powerful and loud. Chicks are strong, initially grow fast but do not reach maturity and point of lay until they are 6-8 months old. As 'Jerseys' grow much bigger/taller than the average hen, housing needs careful consideration, e.g pop hole size, nest box size needs to be bigger and more room required on the perch. Beware not all birds advertised as JG'S are JG'S, know what you are looking for and try to buy from JG specialist breeders. They are a very rare breed and so are not readily available, but well worth tracking down.

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