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Comments for Normal Parakeet Behavior

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Smith, 4 October 2021

I have a budgie mostly white and not albino who will sit on the one and one half...2 inches around round yellow plastic dish I put wet food in including egg yolk in it....and wiggle its bum on it with its wi gs away from its body. Is this bird exhibiting a female or male behaviour and what is this budgie doing. Second quesyion I am trying to sort which is female and which male. I have been observing who kisses who and who will not kiss who to discern this. Is their kissing together relevant to what sex they are. Was trying to do a deduction knowing one set that is a pair. The rest are still swinging partners but very happy.

Christi, 17 May 2021

Hello I bought to parakeet babies. Their stripes come all the way down to the beak and I read that means they’re younger than 4 mo. I started working with hand taming from day one I kept them out of their cage as much as possible and was able to hand feed them from day one. I do this daily but it seems as soon as they loose interest in eating they fly away and I only can get them to land on me with a treat in hand. I’ve had them only one week. Will they grow to love me and come to me without treats and only to eat?

Nicholas, 8 April 2021

Hi, I have 3 budgies that are less than 8 months old. The behavior of them worries me. The purple one will try pin the blue and white one down by standing on there back and peck or caress there heads. The blue one will also try to do this to the white one. What is happening here?

Pete, 23 April 2020

Hi i have had my budgie Mr Pete for a couple of months. I took him tk my parents who also have a boy budgie for a slerp over for a couple if nights. The cages were wheel side by side,, mr Pete went straight to thr closest highest cofner to Joeys cage and started hanging by his beak. It looked weird, I have not seen him do this before. It looked like a form of being submissive? He was more willing to be friendly than Joey. Now that he is home he has started doing it when I get really close to have a chat. What does this mean? He is still chatty and eating well. Judy

Magus, 10 April 2020

@Dale "Buzzing the tower" as I call it can be a game for budgies, and a "Hey I'm here give me attention" sort of behavior from what I've observed. My budgie started with buzzing, then he decided it's clear to land right on my head when he wants to sit on my shoulder. As far as male or female, if they're old enough (8 months to a year or older), the easiest way to tell is the cere (nose). If it's tan/brown/pinkish colored, it's a female, blue is male. If they haven't sexually matured yet, it'll be a light pink regardless of gender. Glad to hear you're enjoying the adopted birbs!

Dale, 1 April 2020

I inherited two budgies from my daughters who are in college. They said that they couldn't study because the birds are too noisy. Anyway, I am thrilled to be a budgie dad! They are so entertaining. They have warmed up to me and will sit on my hand and eat from it. When I let them free-range, they seem to like flying circles around me. Sometimes they will also "buzz" me. Is this a sign of affection? Green is very vocal and mobile. Also more social with me. Blue is much quieter and seems more sedentary, also very aggressive. Is Blue a female?

Magus, 27 February 2020

@Jam Budgies do have a quick metabolism, so depending on how long the little guy was outside before finding your unit, it is possible if it didn't eat the fruit provided. If young it might not have known that fruit was food, as they have to be introduced to new veggies/fruit/nuts by a trusted source. If you have uncovered windows and it was free to fly around your unit, it might have attempted to fly away, and could have hit the window as well. Or it might have been very sick already. It's hard to answer without full knowledge of the situation. Either way, I'm sure you did your best and don't beat yourself up about it. Sorry for your loss :(

Jam, 25 February 2020

Hi! A budgie (though I initially thought it was a lovebird) suddenly appeared inside our unit at 4:30am yesterday. Didn’t know what to do so I asked my neighbors if they have a missing pet. They said they don’t. I gave it water & bananas & some apples. It drank some water but I don’t think it ate the fruits. :( Fast forward, I went out the house and came back home around 4pm in the afternoon. When I came back with bird seed, the bird was lying and its head was bobbed backwards as if it broke its neck. :( :( we were able to give it some water using cotton. He really seemed thirsty. But he died a dew minutes after. :’( And now I can’t shake the feeling that I killed the poor bird. :( :( Was it possible it died of hunger? :(

Cheryl, 11 February 2020

I have two male into female budgies. It seems one pair might be trying to mate. Should I separate two pair?

Ilyana, 3 January 2020

My two birds (one is a male “blue” and one is a female “tweety”) tweety was introduced to blue 4 days after we got blue. They share a cage. But now they only like being together. They never jump on my hand anymore and tweety runs away from me. They hate coming out the cage and only like to be together and don’t like social interaction, what should I do??

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