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Magus, 27 February 2020

@Jam Budgies do have a quick metabolism, so depending on how long the little guy was outside before finding your unit, it is possible if it didn't eat the fruit provided. If young it might not have known that fruit was food, as they have to be introduced to new veggies/fruit/nuts by a trusted source. If you have uncovered windows and it was free to fly around your unit, it might have attempted to fly away, and could have hit the window as well. Or it might have been very sick already. It's hard to answer without full knowledge of the situation. Either way, I'm sure you did your best and don't beat yourself up about it. Sorry for your loss :(

Jam, 25 February 2020

Hi! A budgie (though I initially thought it was a lovebird) suddenly appeared inside our unit at 4:30am yesterday. Didn’t know what to do so I asked my neighbors if they have a missing pet. They said they don’t. I gave it water & bananas & some apples. It drank some water but I don’t think it ate the fruits. :( Fast forward, I went out the house and came back home around 4pm in the afternoon. When I came back with bird seed, the bird was lying and its head was bobbed backwards as if it broke its neck. :( :( we were able to give it some water using cotton. He really seemed thirsty. But he died a dew minutes after. :’( And now I can’t shake the feeling that I killed the poor bird. :( :( Was it possible it died of hunger? :(

Cheryl, 11 February 2020

I have two male into female budgies. It seems one pair might be trying to mate. Should I separate two pair?

Ilyana, 3 January 2020

My two birds (one is a male “blue” and one is a female “tweety”) tweety was introduced to blue 4 days after we got blue. They share a cage. But now they only like being together. They never jump on my hand anymore and tweety runs away from me. They hate coming out the cage and only like to be together and don’t like social interaction, what should I do??

Ann, 20 October 2019

I have two male parakeets in separate cages side by side. The older bird (aprox. 11mo to 3 yrs.) seems to be teaching the younger bird his both good and bad behaviors. Also, since the addition of the older adopted bird, all the training I put into the youger bird flew out the window. The younger bird now ignores all the training and fantastic progress he was making, and to heck with me. The younger birds attention is 100% directed to the older bird. What can I do? He is so, so sweet, and I want to gain his attention back to trainning, as he was doing amazing solo. I am also working with the older bird who apparently has had no training, or much human contact. He is older, but never to old to learn. Thanks for any help!!! Greatly appreciated.

Laura, 20 September 2019

My budgies (one male who is about 2yo, and a female (7mth)) started off bad, and are now great together - that said, the male continuously steps on the female... she doesn't yell at him, but wriggles away. Is this breeding behaviour, or just playing? I think I know, but just want some clarification from those in the know :)

Gladys, 11 September 2019

My budgie is approx. 7 and I have always let him have the run of the house, but just lately he is sitting in his cage a lot, he doesn't play with his toys now, but when he is out he watches me on PC. He looks well enough, but is this how they behave on getting older?

Ifat, 6 September 2019

My budgies always itches their body with there lips. Is this a health issue? Also thy looks dirty

Leah, 15 August 2019

I’ve had to take my birds bell out of his cage due to extreme aggression, he attacks anyone that goes near his cage and even though he’s a small bird he doesn’t let go once he’s latched on. The same goes with a mirror he attacks anyone, is this regular behaviour if not what can I do to make him not agressive.

Wayne, 4 August 2019

What does it mean if my budgie wont do anything in his cage like I see him eat and that's it

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