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Georgette, 13 July 2021

I have 3 parakeets 6 months old and have noticed that 2 are males. The female has paired herself with one of the males but squawks when the other male comes close to her and won't even stay on the same perch with him. They are in a moderately large cage. Should I separate them?

Becky, 12 July 2021

One of my male budgie keep sleeping all the time and he's loves his food as well

Steven, 29 June 2021

I have a male and female in the same cage the female has been the dominant bird but this has now changed and the male is now the dominant one. I haven't seen the female eat seeds for a week she is being fed by the male. If I put my hand in the cage and offer a treat the male will hop on my finger and eat the seed bell but the female won't come anywhere near it. Both budgies used to take turns jumping on my hand for the treat I can only put it down to the male wanting to breed. Both birds are getting along they are not fighting.

Renee, 29 May 2021

My female parakeet is 10 years old and recently went through a really bad molt. She lost lots of feathers, hasn't been eating as well, and is not herself. Any suggestions ???? or opinions?

Zameena, 26 May 2021

My budgie has a love hate relationship with a bell. Sometimes he's very aggressive with it and started to bite us now and then. Should I remove the bell from his toy. I already tried it and he's so sad chirping and looking up for it. Should I take it out permanently?

Kayla, 18 April 2021

so my bird has usually been fairly laid back about my hand, i could get him to step up and take his out of the cage. but recently i got a mesh seed catcher and i put it on and suddenly he won’t let me pick him up with my finger without him trying to bite me? did i do something wrong?

Reta, 14 April 2020

My Pacman is chewing on his wooden roost. Is there a reason for this.

Tanisha, 2 April 2020

Okay,hey your instructions really helped but I have a problem I am from India and over here this breed is not appreciated in the sense over here we don't get enough resources of toys and etc I have 4 birds and the problem is I trained them wrongly at first and messed and I want to change their opponions about me so plz plz plz and a very long request answer Me.

Lisa, 9 March 2020

I have an old budgie who is losing feathers from chest and head . It was first head . I feel as though she mite be getting attacked by my other budgies as she's an easy target. I'm going to separate her worm her and use mite spray. She's active still but I'm wanting your opinion please .

An Omleteer, 7 January 2020

I have 4 Budgies, 2 male and 2 female. My oldest bird (1yo) She has been clinging on to the side of the cage with her beak and feet. I don't know why she dose that. She also won't eat her fruits and veggies, i am worried that she is not getting the stuff she needs. She has been more puffed up than usual today.

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