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Brahma love - Paula,

Brahma are slow movers and make great family pets they are good for children big and durable. Produce lovely big egg yes fewer than high breeds but I have more double yoke eggs . Babies are super cute big fluffy feet.

Nice to have around - Chris,

Beautiful breed. Great with people and a chilled out nature. Watching them run is fun.

they're awesome birds for kids - Matilda,

I love Brahmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Brahma's Beautiful Birds - Linda,

I have had 2 cockerels. Joe was my first. He was a proud gold. He looked after his girls and definitely stopped any squabbling and pecking.He had red, green and a ray of colours in his plumage. He was so proud and lived for 8 years. So sad when we lost him. We have Charley now, a Lemon Pyle Brahma. I love him so much. He struts around slowly and elegantly. He is so gentle. He walks up to me. The food lady and tips his head and looks at me. 'well what goodies do you have today'. He trusts me. I just love watching them strut and scratch. They give us beautiful eggs. I feel blessed to have them. Wonderful pets as big as they are, they are so gentle.

10 - Wardak,

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