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- Lola,

Brahma chickens are great family pets and are gorgeous gentle giants. They are especially great mothers and go broody annually more than once and take great care of their young

The BFGs of the chicken world - Pete,

Brahmas are ideal family hens - they are big, friendly, inquisitive, seem to get on with most other breeds and good with kids. Egg production is on the low side but they are absolutely adorable fluffy feathered cuties.

Brahma love - Paula,

Brahma are slow movers and make great family pets they are good for children big and durable. Produce lovely big egg yes fewer than high breeds but I have more double yoke eggs . Babies are super cute big fluffy feet.

Nice to have around - Chris,

Beautiful breed. Great with people and a chilled out nature. Watching them run is fun.

they're awesome birds for kids - Matilda,

I love Brahmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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