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Why do dogs wee on their bed?

There are two explanations as to why dogs wee on their bed - behavioral or medical.

Behavioral explanations for why dogs wee on their bed

Once they’ve weed on their dog bed once, your furry friend is likely to continue without intervention, should this be a behavioral issue. But, should you wash your dog’s bed as soon as you notice the smell, this can help prevent this behavior from becoming ongoing.

If your dog is not fully house-trained, then they may simply not know where they should be urinating. Read the Omlet guide on how you can lead your dog to potty-training success.

Your dog could also be territorial marking, or be experiencing dog anxiety. Weeing on the bed can also be caused by feelings of excitement, stress and fear but all of which can be resolved through dog training.

Medical explanations for why dogs wee on their bed

If your dog is weeing in their sleep or while lying down it’s likely that this is a urinary tract infection.

Another medical explanation is dog incontinence. Whilst this is more common in older dogs, certain dog breeds such as Boxers, Weimaraners, and Dalmatians are also more predisposed to this condition.

Dogs may also have bladder stones, diabetes or neurological issues. Regardless of the cause behind your dog weeing on their bed, you should contact your veterinarian to address these concerns.

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