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- An Omleteer,

I have two ameraucanas, both skittish but fairly friendly. Just thought I'd mention these are all technically ameraucanas. True araucanas don't have the long and feathered tail:)

Araucana search? - Sandra,

Where are you guy's getting your araucana's from please? I tried the Araucana club of Great Britain and the emails just keep being returned as no address! I can't find a breeder. I'm looking for Black and or Silver duckwings.

Best kept in a enclosure - Gemma,

I freerange all my birds and whilst the araucana are friendly wee things they dont have much in brains or common sense and if a fox does visit it will not have the sense to escape to safety. Perfect for small garden setups or living in a coop but not a bird for a smallholding

Friendliest and sweetest of any breed - Lori,

I have had Araucana's for the last 12 yrs. I adore them. Super friendly, will come when called, talkative and nosy. Excellent egg layers. Starts in March and lays right up til November. Not broody. Very smart. This is the only breed for me.

Extremely friendly birds - Samantha, Nottinghamshire,

I have 2 Araucana which I hatched myself and they are both extremely friendly. I find them a lovely size for the garden and the boy doesn't crow too loud either. I'm looking forward to hatching more next year.

Araucana - Clive,

Have 2 black araucana's, lovely temperament, really nice chickens, my favourite breed, one bought for £1.50 the other for £28.00. Mine never fight, very placid, hardly bothered by other chickens or cockerels. Blue/green eggs so, so layers, Would highly recommend the breed as a very solid hardy breed that could live for years. I have been told not ideal for eating, but I am not into killing chickens and mine are treated as pets and I try to give them the best quality of life possible, with good food and high security. Mine are not cased but free range within an area, and I only let them out when I am there with them. Regards Clive

Love these birds - Sonya, ESSEX,

I recently got my arauncanas, they are about 24 months old so very mature. They were sold as a pair, and are joined at the hip. Even staying together if they lay. I love looking at them, they are so different to other hens. The eggs, although scarce in January, are lovely. An excellent choice for my collection of different breeds. Keep themselves to themselves, so don't get bullied.

beautiful but aloof - Lisa, Cheshire,

I find our Araucana to be less friendly than the rest of the flock. She like to keep her distance and not be picked up so much so and can be very vocal if we do. She can run like a racehorse and is a feisty girl . Her eggs are pale blue and have a high yolk to white ratio which are the tastiest egg out of our girls by far

very nice chicken - Sig,

I love Araucana. Ihave got them for the first Time 2013 because I love the blue - green eggs. They look funny thats the 2. reason to keep them. They are very polite. I raised them from the first day on They are now eight month old and since 12.12.2013 if got eggs every day. I also have some other mixed chicken. They live together very nice. All other chicken are breeded by the chicken themselves. They are all walking in my garden and live like in Paradise My home is Kiel - Germany and it got not cold. 10 degrees celsius. Maybe I can show some pictures sometimes.

Araucanas - Peter, Buckinghamshire,

I am breeding Araucanas (according german standard without tail) 12 years in colours black, blue and cockoo. They are very popular here in central Europe for their blue coloured eggs.

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