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lovely hens with character -

I love my Araucanas; we only keep bantams and whilst I think my Pekins are prettier, the Araucanas have far more character and are better layers than the Pekins (presumably other posters are comparing them with non-bantam pure breeds?), their eggs are larger and are the lovely blue. I have four now; the two newest arrivals will happily sit on our laps so if handled enough when young they do get tame. One of my older Araucanas leads the other hens and the cockerel into the kitchen looking for treats - she's got bolder this summer and now I regularly find her in the dining room!!

Very sweet nature -

I was on this website looking for white araucana's eggs when I saw these reviews. Among my mixed flock I have one white araucana (I bought four, but three turned out to be males). She is incredibly sweet natured and gets upset if she thinks one of the other chickens is upset - very unusual in a chicken I think. She is not keen on being picked up, but if I need to handle her she is very calm about it. Araucanas are not known as a broody breed and she has never gone broody but lays a good supply of lovely blue eggs.

fantastic -

What a bird, I love my araucana to bits, such a funny bird and quick learner. Part of my mixed flock, got 20 birds and she is quickly becomming a favourite, though not sure if she will become my favourite over one of the peking bantams I have. If you learn to speak chicken you can soon befriend any of the girlies in your flock! Got all my tips from the cockerel! Seriously watch and learn from your cockerel and you will soon have them all eating from your hand! My araucana gives lovely large blue eggs, no green or white in sight, one of my bantams is due to hatch another 4 for me on friday, can't wait.

good hens -

They start to lay very late on, cost a lot but produce a very nice blue egg.

My just started laying -

I got my aracuna last autum and it's just started coming into lay with wonderful blue / green eggs . Also if you have a mixed flock your aracuna will often be pack leader as one of my marans got taken by the fox she stepped in her place and became leader.

Nice birds - An Omleteer,

We bought 5 lavender hens and a black cockerel. had them nearly a year and they are nice hens but not if you want to have good egg production. no eggs in the winter and small green blue eggs in the summer. oh and the breeder accidentally gave us a lavender cockerel, "titch". we thought he was a small hen turns out he was a young cockerel. they are happy and mix well with our other chickens and boy can they fly. on top of greenhouse you name it, sky s the limit for these birds.

Beautiful Araucana's -

Have kept these beautiful and fascinating birds for many years now and have to say that out of all of the breeds we have Araucana's have the most charm, If bought from an early age they get very tame but hate being picked up, and the blue eggs are the children's favourite. Very hardy and easily kept as free range or in pens. would highly recommend this bird for beginners and experienced poultry keepers alike

Araucanas -

I have a pair of lavender Araucanas which I hatached myself. They are lovely looking birds which lay beatiful greeen eggs. They seem to be very calm but if you go near them they usually go the other way! Their tough birds which can withstand cold climates. I really like them but I do hope they become more friendly!

Great All Rounders - An Omleteer,

I keep quite a few of these and they tick all the right boxes. They go broody easily if you leave a few eggs in the nestbox and they make excellent mothers. They rarely leave the nestbox and will guard the chicks. They are very hardy and lay a nice medium sized blue/green egg most of the year round. Overall, I would highly recommend this breed. I keep twelve different breeds and this is the best all rounder of the lot.

Nice looking birds but not very friendly - An Omleteer,

I brought some Araucana at a showl, they are nice looking birds but not very friendly.

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