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Odd Wee Birds but Charming, Characterful - An Omleteer,

We had 2 lavender Araucanas. The initial appeal - looks (beautiful & rather un-chicken like with their long & upright necks) and egg colour - blue to green. We found them to be great little characters, friendly to both humans & other birds. Had a rather unnerving habit of watching you in an almost contemplative way, head cocked to the side. And then there was the narcolepsy........ err, come twilight, they simply fell asleep, deeply asleep more or less on their feet, if they couldn't get to the coop in time. Very odd. Egg production, whilst not huge & definitely seasonal (not much in winter), was decent enough & eggs (mid size) had a lovely rich flavour. Broodiness - don't recall it being a particular issue or that frequent & they didn't go 'psycho chicken', like some hens do. Overall, a delightfully different hen.

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