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This wonderful breed I have kept fo 50 years without cross breeding for 50 years - Karen, Kent,

Given to my disabled son , now 58, living at The Rare Breed Centre Wood church Kent who have been solely for his blue eggs please visit , they have given him a life. KY

- An Omleteer,

I have two ameraucanas, both skittish but fairly friendly. Just thought I'd mention these are all technically ameraucanas. True araucanas don't have the long and feathered tail:)

Araucana search? - Sandra,

Where are you guy's getting your araucana's from please? I tried the Araucana club of Great Britain and the emails just keep being returned as no address! I can't find a breeder. I'm looking for Black and or Silver duckwings.

Best kept in a enclosure - Gemma,

I freerange all my birds and whilst the araucana are friendly wee things they dont have much in brains or common sense and if a fox does visit it will not have the sense to escape to safety. Perfect for small garden setups or living in a coop but not a bird for a smallholding

Friendliest and sweetest of any breed - Lori,

I have had Araucana's for the last 12 yrs. I adore them. Super friendly, will come when called, talkative and nosy. Excellent egg layers. Starts in March and lays right up til November. Not broody. Very smart. This is the only breed for me.

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