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My faviorate chicken breed! - An Omleteer,

I have kept loads of chickens over the years but i have always had a soft spot for silkys, they are gorgous and always win a place in your heart with there funny hairstyles and lovely personalities. A great Chicken! : )

A beutiful friendly little hen - An Omleteer,

An absolutely beautiful little hen couldn't possibly expect anymore from them. Great with children, very gentle friendly little hen. I loved them.

Great Bird -

I also find that my silkies lay pretty much everyday during the summer. They are great birds and dont cause as much damage to the garden as my other birds. Strongly recomend them.

Great Pets -

Contrary to whats written, my silkie lays every day in the summer at the exact same time. She is very friendly but extremely fiesty. She becomes broody at the drop of a hat. She loves to dig in the mud and especially the stones! She eats all our weeds (and tomato plants) other than her digging she doesnt spoil the garden at all. Very friendly nature. Very noisy! Great fun to watch. Gets on with my cats! 10/10 pet! =)

Good all rounder - An Omleteer,

I have one cockerel and one hen, the hen does not lay very often but has recently gone broody and is currently sitting on 5 eggs. the cockerel however seems to be quite scared of us and runs away. The hen however is very docile and friendly

Silkie - An Omleteer,

Silkies have a lovely appearance and are lovely to handle, their just lovely to have and keep.They are so soft as well!

You will have a soft spot for them -

Out of all the chickens we have these chickens are our favorites. Even th cockerels are quite friendly. Brilliant for children lay a lovely small egg with a large yolk to white ratio. I have now 4 hens and 1 cockerel and I get a least 2 eggs a day, The kids love the eggs. Great first chicken as they are easy to pen in, don't eat a lot and seem to love company.

I love them! -

My first year Silkie has just brooded on my layers eggs and one of her own and with a Silkie and Pekin Cock. I can hardly wait the 21 days! New and excited breeder!

Very good - An Omleteer,

Cuddly but they bully my other chicken

I would rate them 9/10 - An Omleteer,

I keep 8 silkies and they are top little birds, easy to look after and they are always friendly and easy to catch. i have to say they are one of my favorite breeds.

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