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Silkies are the best - Heidi, South Glos,

We’ve had a few different breeds but silkies are undoubtedly my favourite.. my dad wanted chickens again after we lost our last hens a few years ago so I surprised him with 2 silkie hens.. Egwina and Bailey.. they are so funny and are very interested in everything you’re doing. Since then we’ve had a few more silkies and they’ve never been any trouble! Great with the dogs and kids aswell as being great sitters on their eggs.

I like chickens - Lucy,

I really love chickens especially mini alpacas

Silkies - Ellie,

Silkies are very friendly and great with kids, they look so cute and funny, but their feathers are not waterproof as with other breeds, so need adequate shelter from rain.

Got given a silkie cockerel &3hens - Andrea,

The funniest chickens ever love them to bits, been reading msg's about them & am very surprised my hens are laying most days ! Thinking I may have a go at hatching some as Mr silkie keeping very active !

cute - Damian,

They are so friendly my two pet Silkies they don't even mind being picked up! There egg production is not good but as I got them for pets I'm not really bothered anyway. I have found that they will NOT perch on the roosting bars and will only sleep together in a nest box so I took the divider out and have it as one big nest box which they sleep together in. They will also never be without one anther and are sad if they are apart!

bossy birds! - Fliss,

Gold Silkie Bantam I have one of these birds. She is not so keen on being handled but will allow it. She is the boss to my other six bantams! She does not lay as much as some of the others but lays occasionally. Not for those looking for eggs.

Great pets! - Jess,

They are ridiculously cute! They really are! Since arriving at their new home a few days ago, they have become little celebrities. They are a great talking point and people can't resist taking photos they are so surprised when they see them as they are nothing like what most people imagine chickens to look like. They are fluffy, friendly and even though they are white they manage to keep themselves remarkably clean. They are great fun to watch, especially when the launch themselves out of the coop to play in the rain (which makes them look a bit silly with their wet feathers sticking up all over the place). Fortunately they soon dry out and clean up well. I am absolutely in love with them already!

Great Breed to have - John,

I keep and breed Miniature Silkie Chickens, Fantastic looking poultry. Very easy to tame and look after. Very hardy and yes the only thing you need to provide is a covered area, other than that they will see out temperatures in the minus. Make sure that they can keep toes and feet dry in winter and you will have no problems. If you want high egg production go buy a hybrid and watch the consumption of feed increase to. A silkie should produce between 3-4 eggs per week therefore in a trio a dozen eggs a week is enough. Using half the feed than a hybrid high egg layer would use. I keep my silkies on concrete with straw/meadow bedding to scratch around. Easy clean and safe from foxes etc. keeps the toe nails down in length to. To reduce broody hens I simply remove eggs as soon as possible therefore two visits a day to nesting box and gentle lift the hen of and place her in the run. She soon understands that the eggs are gone. Hope this helps but it really is simple keeping your silkie healthy and clean.

Great but not that hardy - Theo,

I bought two silkies not too long ago, one passed away before I could introduce it to my flock. The vet said she just wasn't that well and she was more susceptible to common disease. My other silkie though is very happy and healthy and was tame within the first month of having her. I haven't received an egg of her yet and she is 6 months old now. She is large fowl but is still kinda small compared to my sussex that is the same age. All in all though they are lovely chickens and even though it is advised to give them some raincover because they are so fluffy, my little misty always runs out into the rain for fun!


In the USA our Silkies are bearded 2-lb bantams so it seems strange to see the large fowl beardless varieties from Great Britain. Our bearded bantam Silkie beaks are barely visible because their faces are one cute ball of fluff. Our favourite color is the Black Silkie and the Partridge - good colors to have if they are free-ranged because Silkies LOVE their dust baths so we don't keep white, splash or buff colours. Can't let Silkies roam in the rain like other normal-feathered fowl because they get soaked cold to the skin and mud sticks to their feathered feet. In all other aspects, they are a hardy breed. They will lay 5-6 good-sized eggs weekly when not BROODY (which is often during warm weather). Two Silkie eggs equal one of our Leghorn's extra large egg. Silkies have different personalities and quirks but all have a gentle temperament that should not be integrated with aggressive large fowl breeds weighing over 4 lbs and must be supervised around exhuberant children. We only have non-aggressive Leghorns and gentle Ameraucanas mixed with our Silkies. Best to raise more than one Silkie together because they tend to roam best with their own kind.

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