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beautiful -

We have one white silkie called Crystal who quickly became a favourite and laid lovely little blue eggs. She is always very busy in the garden digging and running about. She has become broody recently and is now sitting on 4 eggs from other chickens. She is very regal and proud to have the eggs and will not come off them to eat or drink so we are hand feeding her with water and food. Worth the effort to see her looking so content. We are looking forward to Crystal becoming a mum.

Brilliant -

These birds are the best in my mind - brilliant egg layers and brilliant pets (pefect for the younger child) brilliant layers and wonderful appearance. Not agressive and brilliant in gardens they are not flighty and are wonderful cluckers!


Great pets, shy and friendly at the same time, not as children friendly as they could be... but still a nice family pet. Please do not move into a pen with FEMALE CHICKENS as the two birds do not mix well. Can mix with male/female bantams as are the same size (Good for the pecking order,) I once knew this friend who had one moved in with female chickens and they pecked him everyday. Luckilly , he is OKISH now so... please do not mix! Otherwise are nice friendly animals who, as I said, do NOT mix with young, playful, children!

Excellent! -

I have had silkies in the past 2 girls both lived until 8 yrs old. But at the moment I have got 2 silkie crosses (x Pekin bantam). They do look like a silkie with the same crest and comb and also the black skin, but haven't got the webbing like feathers, thus giving them the power of flight and one of my girls made it 6 foot to the top of there shed! No idea why, maybe because she knows shes part silkie and showing off who knows! These aren't so tame as the pure bred silkie and are quite shy and skitty. The silkies I had before where great, pick them up no problem and they'd sit for ages with you. But all the same nice birds, but I have kept many breeds of chickens and just like them all, no matter what breed (or cross for that matter!), thay all have their own Character.

Lovely friendly birds -

We have 3 silkies, one white , one black and one partridge. They live with our Frizzles of which one is a cockerel and have produced some beautiful "Sizzlies" of which we have 7 young chicks at the moment. Sonme of the chicks are of Frizzle look but with fluffy legs and grey feet with a top hat and others are like a Silkie. I love these birds !

Clumsy but loveable! -

The silky is perhaps the strangest of all the breeds. my silky was a great bird and had a surprisingly high rank in the flock for a bird that seems to have trouble seeing straight. I've seen her run into a wall on more than 1 occasion but I blame the haircut. still she was my favourite hen. silkies have this incredible personality. they make great parents (foster as well). very easy but be sure to check the feet as sometimes they can cake over with droppings and dirt.

1st chickens - An Omleteer,

my silkies where my first ever chickens they are great layers once they got settled down.they are very friendly and great pets and every one says that they are good looking chicken's.

Very Freindly little birds - An Omleteer,

I always thought I would only breed and keep large fowl but I was persuaded this year by my daughter to hatch some silkies as she had seen them at Tatton park Cheshire. So as mother's do I gave in. Well all I can say is now I have them they have stolen my heart. They are so cute and cuddly, inquisitive, funny etc. Can't imagine being the garden being without them.

The best!!! -

I have kept Silkies for nearly a decade now and I am now on my third generation of the breed! The first bunch was all white and some of them are still alive today. I got the second Iot about 4 or 5 years ago , but were not so healthy, I bought a white hen and 6 chicks, and only 1 or 2 are still alive, some of the partridge ones had scaly leg which I did not know about at the time, so we got some treatment for them and for 80% of the flock it worked but for all of the partridge ones it ruined their lives, it completely ruined their feet, their was nothing we could do, we re-treated them but it did not work, I was very sad that 2 of them had to be killed because they could not walk. One hen broke her leg and died and my favourite chicken out of the dozens we had died at the age of 2, we think it must have been a heart attack because he was so healthy, not over or under weight no illnesses; he was a gorgeous gold rooster. My third lot seem much healthier. They are the best broodies you can get, and for some parts of the year they are good layers and they are very hardy and easy to care for. They are friendly but do not like being handled much, the only problem with keeping them is scaly leg which must be treated regularly, because if you don't it can ruin their lives. After keeping so many breeds over the past decade these are the best, and in my opinion the best in the world.

Great pets -

Just got a white and gold and are very friendly. Mine aren't roosting so i have to put them up each night

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