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In the USA our Silkies are bearded 2-lb bantams so it seems strange to see the large fowl beardless varieties from Great Britain. Our bearded bantam Silkie beaks are barely visible because their faces are one cute ball of fluff. Our favourite color is the Black Silkie and the Partridge - good colors to have if they are free-ranged because Silkies LOVE their dust baths so we don't keep white, splash or buff colours. Can't let Silkies roam in the rain like other normal-feathered fowl because they get soaked cold to the skin and mud sticks to their feathered feet. In all other aspects, they are a hardy breed. They will lay 5-6 good-sized eggs weekly when not BROODY (which is often during warm weather). Two Silkie eggs equal one of our Leghorn's extra large egg. Silkies have different personalities and quirks but all have a gentle temperament that should not be integrated with aggressive large fowl breeds weighing over 4 lbs and must be supervised around exhuberant children. We only have non-aggressive Leghorns and gentle Ameraucanas mixed with our Silkies. Best to raise more than one Silkie together because they tend to roam best with their own kind.

great -

needs more info

Great little birds -

Excellent broody hens Excellent mothers Very friendly Nice looking and lots of colours to choose from Needs cover when wet and the weather is bad Cockerels are not aggressive Need to watch out for bullying, especially with larger birds Need to vaccinate for Mereks and watch out for scaley leg The miniatures are nice but the bigger ones are fine for a broody The list is endless of their good points

Great pets, with great characters - Carmarthenshire,

They don't make a mess of the garden like most chickens. Silkies make fab pets for children as they are so friendly... even the cockerels.

Beautiful and friendly. -

This is the most beautiful breed of chicken in the world ! It is not the most productive egg-layer in the world , but if you are not too bothered about having mountains of eggs it is totally worth it.? They do not dig up your garden(no Omlet fencing necessary!)

Fun chickens to raise -

I'm proud to say my parents were ahead of the urban chicken farming trend Salt Lake City. We kept a flock of white silkies and they were delightful to raise. We kids had a hand in all aspects of raising them-- gathering eggs, cleaning the coop, giving them food and water, and even butchering them when we got too many roosters in a brood. We let them run free-range in the yard & garden. They helped control the garden pests and weeds. I think we only had to protect the peas and lettuces from them. They seemed quite docile-- the rooster was appropriately protective but not aggressive. Best eggs & chicken meat I've ever had when they get to be free-range, though they are bantams & thus, not particularly meaty. Their skins are a shocking shade of dark purple! (but my parents always skinned them before cooking them)

Cute but not at all hardy... -

I got a flock of Silkies almost a year ago now and I have already lost 3. They are so attention seeking, friendly and adorable yet are very prone to diseases. Their egg production is very low as only a couple of them actually lay and some go broody for very long periods of time. They are just so cute to be around but are definitely not a hardy breed. Don't be fooled by the cuteness!

I love my silkies! -

I have four silkies (two small black and two big partridge). They are lovely pets, they chat to me when I am in the garden, they run to the back door if they think I will open it, they cause no damage to the garden and they cannot fly. They are frightened of everything (they hide behind my elderly rabbit when they see a cat). They live very happily, running around the garden with my rabbit (but can be bad tempered when they are broody). Egg laying is very hit and miss - they lay for a few weeks, then get broody for weeks and it takes ages for them to get back to laying. Certainly, four chickens cannot provide enough eggs for two of us. However, the eggs are incredibly rich and creamy in comparison to other free ranging chickens.


Howdy! I have had at least 10 and they are so cute and friendly! they do good around children,and the roosters are vary calm and laid back. They don't lay eggs regularly like some other breeds,they only lay eggs when they want to. I have never had any eggs yet(being that my dog got them all before they started to lay). I love them to pieces...well maybe not that well considering that i love my horses much much more,. I do want to start showing them in 4-H soon. I think they are good starter chickens if ya don't want eggs that much.

I adore my silkies! they are friendly and mothering! very kind. great pets! also great for show! -

My sillies are wonderful! Very mothering even at a very young age! My 3 month old keeps my one month old chicks under her breast! They are kind and friendly!.they can not fly so make sure there area is preditor proof! Silkies are my favorite breed! They are very beautiful and have the apparence of fur because their feathers do not have barbs like other chickens. They do produce eggs a light tint of cream or brownish color. They are bantaman so they take up less room. I think silkies are an excellent choice for pets or show. A mother silkie will hatch any eggs. They are excellent mothets! Often used to hatch different types of eggs. Silkies are beautiful and unique chickens! They are like potato chips, you can't just have one!

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