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Antwerp Belgian (Barbu d’Anvers) Chickens

Antwerp Belgian (Barbu d’Anvers) History

Also called Barbu d’Anvers or Quail Bantams, this small breed of chicken has no full-size counterpart. They originated in Belgium in the 1600s, and have gained popularity ever since. Antwerp Belgians are thought to be one of the oldest breeds of bantam chickens.

Antwerp Belgian (Barbu d’Anvers) Behaviour

Barbu d’Anvers are bred for ornamental or show purposes and are not prolific layers. However, hens are known to be good sitters. Hens are generally friendly and easygoing, but it’s common for roosters to exhibit aggressive behavior towards their caretakers. This breed is ideal to keep in a covered chicken run, as they are excellent fliers.

Antwerp Belgian (Barbu d’Anvers) Varieties

Antwerp Belgian chickens have full beards, muffs, and featherless legs. Their wattles are very small or absent and have rose combs. They come in a variety of colors, and lay small cream-colored eggs that are consistent with other bantam breeds.

Antwerp Belgian (Barbu d’Anvers) Status


Antwerp Belgian (Barbu d’Anvers) Pictures

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