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The Barnevelder was developed by the Dutch in the town of Barneveld. The intention was to develop a hen that was both hardy and would produce eggs that were brown in colour. Also one that would be able to be sold in the UK. The breeds that made up the Barnevelder were very carefully chosen. A Dutch fowl crossed with a Langshan, Brahma and Cochin. Most of the Barnevelders have long disappeared. The ones still around do lay quite well as long as they are not allowed to get fat!


They are lazy chickens! So for that reason they do need to be kept free range so that they are well exercised. The chicks produced are yellow in colour and are quite slow at growing their darker feathers which come later. The hens do go broody often but this makes them a docile chicken and a good mother.


There are several standard colours of Barnevelder. Black, double laced, partridge and silver. All varieties have very prominent orange eyes and very yellow legs. They are hardy birds and good layers of large brown eggs.


Fairly common

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beautiful birds! - Ross,

for a few years i have done a lot of reaserching for my fav breed of chicken. i found the barnevelder and it was such a beautiful, easy to look after bird, the other day i bought one! and i also bought a light sussex wich are also brill birds aswell!!

Barnevelder for Christmas - Donna,

This sweet hen showed up before Christmas, tried to find her owner to no avail so she is with me. I have no experience with Chickens but am learning a lot from her. She is a beautiful bird and does lay eggs about 3 times a week presently. I am trying to make her living situation better but right now she is using a PetPen for sleeping and I let her roam around in the yard as she likes. Our yard is a dedicated wildlife habitat, so she fits right in. I would love to get a coop but it needs to be predator proof, I find they are just to expensive for one chicken. But I do enjoy her.

Excellent Breed - Fern,

I rescued a gold double laced Barnevelder from a bad dog attack. She suffered from a bad upper leg limp assumed broken and had a chunk bitten from her wing. She was fully recovered at about a month. She is fully feathered and is laying at least 5 times a week with beautiful brown speckled eggs. She is very docile and I recommend this breed.

Overall Brillaint Breed - Heather,

I have a double laced barneveldar hen after I rescued her from a dog attack. She recovered from a broken pelvis/upper leg very quickly, laid eggs within a month and I get at least five speckled eggs a week. She is super pretty, is gentle towards humans and other chickens: the only downside is she attacks my ducks really badly!

Beautiful hen that lays huge eggs! - Zak,

My barnevelder is a great layer, she is laying 6/7 eggs a week at the moment. The eggs are brown with chocolate speckles on and very large- sometimes they don't fit into egg boxes properly! She is a beautiful hen, especially in the sunlight and very hardy. She is friendly as she will follow you around, jump up on your lap for food and eat out of your hand. However she can peck quite hard at your hand as she eats so may not be ideal for small children and the bantam variety may be more suitable as a pet for kids. She is not too keen on being picked up but I haven't made and effort to tame her and with patience I think she would be fine with this. They are suitable for gardens as barnevelders do not fly although like most chickens would do some damage to plants if not contained to a run or a fenced off area. She does not seem to be any lazier than my sussex chickens and loves too free range and forage for bugs. I would definitely recommend this breed of chicken to a new chicken keeper that wanted beautiful chickens that were also very hardy, good egg producers and tame.

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The British Barnevelder Club

Telephone: 01630 638630

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