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- Matthew, Durham,

very nice chickens, the hens are very friendly but the cockrals are agressive

- Matthew, Durham,

ideal friendly garden chicken - Alison,

I got my Barnevelder from the Wernlas Trust in Shropshire to replace one of my Miss Pepperpots. She is very pretty, slightly grouse-like, with brown and grey speckled plumage, and a small comb; but her personality is huge. Although just a pullet, she was bossing the resident older chicken around within weeks. Highly intelligent, she learnt how to escape into the garden in no time...I have now given up and allow them free range to root around. She is very friendly and inquisitive, follows me around and has tried to get into the house. Funniest of all is her voice: she has a raucous call, more like a small crow than a chicken, and very loud! Eggs are regular and brown. Lovely healthy chicken, lovely breed!

A real gentleman! - Sue,

We have Maran hens but a Barnvelder cock! This is because our Maran cock was very aggressive, attacking anyone who entered the garden and really going for me when I slipped over one dayl. He was also very rough with the hens, and they were trodden until they were sore! So, he was sent to meet his maker, but our hens then became very badly behaved - feather pecking and generally acting like delinquents, so we acquired Barnaby, the Barnvelder! Order was restored! He is a real gentleman, he is kind to the hens but is definitely the boss. They all stopped messing about when he appeared! He even crows quietly. We are very fond of him.

what a star - Daniella,

we love our tikka a golden laced barnevelder she is so friendly will sit on our knee and eat out of our hands excellent with children and the best looking bird ever her feathers sparkle in the day light cant take your eyes of her does like to dig up the garden a little

Very docile... - Laura,

Nice looking chicken, but really docile and got bullied a lot by our other chickens despite taking weeks to gradually introduce. Lots of big brown eggs.

Brilliant wee hen - Sharon,

Penny our year old Barnevelder hen has recently hatched 8 wee chicks now 3 weeks old. She went missing from the hen coop, eventually found her whilst tidying up the garden. Nesting under a clump of dead montbretia leaves sitting on a clutch of 13 eggs. Absolutely delighted with her as she sat on them through the harsh snow and frost we have recently experienced here in NE Scotland. What a delight her babies are - just wondering now how to discover what sex they all are :o)

My hens are good - Arthur,

I bought three point of lay barney hens at the poultry sale at Cirencester Cattle Market last month. They started producing eggs two weeks ago and now all three are producing well. We even got 4 eggs one day, even though the eggs had been collected every day before. They have damaged my lawn a little but as they are enjoying themselves I do not see this as a problem. They are very friendly towards our pets, we have two terries and a Sid. I am really pleased Podge, (our adviser) suggested we buy these birds. They give me so much pleasure. Arthur

Built like a tank but a big softie - An Omleteer,

Betty the Barnevelder..... Betty, because she reminds me of Betty Stove the tennis star. My Betty is an excellent layer - right through the appalling Winter just gone (Jan/Feb 2009). She is great with other birds &, even when broody, is not aggressive. Worth having, just to watch her run across the garden - she is HUGE and actually waddles - bit like the giant gingerbread man from Shrek!!! A beautiful bird, to boot - feathers laced chestnut brown & lots of that 'beetle black' petrol colour around the neck. Top notch breed but, watch it, do protect your precious plants as they have very large feet & love to rootle.

A wonderful Chicken! - Christian,

Cornelia is one of the friendliest chickens I have. She has really beautiful feathering and lays the most wonderful chestnut brown eggs. Always inquisitive and happy to be picked up. I will always have Barnevelders in my flock!!

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