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Bielefelder Chickens

Bielefelder History

Bielefelders are a German breed of chicken that was bred in the 1970s. A combination of many breeds such as the Cuckoo Malines, Amrock, Wyandotte, and New Hampshire brought about this dual-purpose bird.

Bielefelder Behaviour

Gentle giants would be a way to describe these scale-tipping chickens. Roosters weigh in around 10 lbs, with hens not far behind them in size. They are a cold-tolerant breed and excellent layers of extra large brown-hued eggs. Their striking pattern makes them beautiful additions to backyard flocks. They’re excellent foragers, but also adapt to pens as long as they are offered enough space.

Bielefelder Varieties

Bielefelders have a complex color pattern known in English as “cuckoo red partridge”. Males and females have distinct feather patterns that distinguish them from the time they’re hatched. These “autosexing” genetics allow hatcheries to determine males from females right away.

Bielefelder Status


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