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Black Star Chickens

Black Star History

Shortly after WW2, America sought to breed a hen that was capable of higher egg production. This “super-layer” breed of chicken was born as the result of crossing Barred Plymouth Rock hens with either a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster. The result was the Black Star chicken – still one of the most prolific layers in the egg world.

Black Star Behaviour

This breed is very cold and heat-hardy, and docile by nature. They’re generally quiet birds with easygoing personalities. They’re highly adaptable and can be kept as free-range birds or in pens. Black Stars are not known for broodiness, and will not reliably sit. They produce over 250 large to extra-large-sized brown eggs per year.

Black Star Varieties

Black Stars are a medium-sized breed, with roosters weighing around 8 pounds, and hens weighing around 5 pounds. Their coloring is primarily black, but some variations have gold-tipped feathers. Males are born with a white spot on top of their head, making them very easy to sex from the time they’re hatched. Interestingly, Black Stars can only be a result of their hybrid breeding (Plymouth Barred Rock to Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire). A Black Star bred to another Black Star would yield yet another hybrid offspring – not another Black Star chicken.

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