Booted Bantam

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The Booted Bantam has a complex history of breeding and importation. They are most popular in Germany and the Netherlands.


The widest number of varieties can be found in Germany and Netherlands.


Fairly common

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beautiful quiet little birds - Lisa, Cheshire,

I purchased 2 lemon mille fleur and soon came to realise than one was a cockerel. I worried at first about the noise and temperament but neednt have. Jock our cockerel is friendly and tame and his crow: though he puts a huge amount of effort into it is cute rather than deafening . They both dont mind being picked up to have feet inspected etc . I had to trim my hens flight feathers as she was finding high places to roost which put her in danger. They cause next to no damage to the garden .They are beautiful birds I have yet to get an egg.

Great Chicken - Deborah,

I have had these guys for a while and I do like their look and calm attitude.

- Jane, East Sussex,

I keep Barbu D'Uccles purely on their looks and friendliness. They have great personalities and don't trash the garden. The hens like a cuddle, the boys will enjoy a cuddle if caught. They make ideal pets, will lay a few tasty but tiny eggs in the summer. They can be long lived and very are fiesty. They are very small so don't need much space. The boys can be a bit noisy and they can fly quite well and like to roost in trees. I recommend clipping their wings if worried about this.

A Good Garden Keeper - Whittni,

I have read much about this breed and have found they are good mothers, strong roosters. The breed does well in confinement but is shy around crowds of people, so they should be purchased as chicks to tame them for show. Hens are friendly of treats while roosters may be a little reluctant at first so you will need to cox the flock into liking you with food. -Whittni

Great!! - Bethselby,

booted bantam's are nice, friendly chickens how mix well with others. little bit loud but are great in the garden. dont grow that much so are great for little children . you can tame them as they are easy to tame. They prouduction is small eggs but they lay all year round. They can't fly so you dont need to worry about cutting their wings, but they can jump . Bantam's do tend to stick with other bantam's so i wouldn't take them away from each other get them in pairs and so on.

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