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Beautiful, loving,friendly breed, great family pet - Naomi,

I keep, show and breed poultry and cochin are defiantly my favourite they have a loving friendly nature are easy to manage and keep, they are by no means the best layers in the world but lay every other day on average. They are great with children and other pets and due to there large size they don't fly or need high fencing. They love to be pampered, bathed and cuddled. Due to there feathery feet they hate the mud, and don't destroy your garden.Hens make great broody mums. Only down side is that there feet do need extra care to stop them from getting mud balls, so the occasional foot bath in the winter may be needed! The best large fowl soft feathered all rounder.

rescued three fluff balls - Alison,

I have had three of these big white fluff balls for a week, not the right time of year to take on new chickens but better than the chop. Unfortunately, due to the weather and lack of time, all their feathering has got mucky, but as they are all tame and will be handled well, I shall be bathing them soon and making arrangements to keep them out of the mud. I love their looks, but only breed rare heavy fowl, so shall be looking for someone to give them a good home sometime in the future.

Fantastic - Lisa,

I love my birds, named Rosie and Gabriella by the kids, and Rocky for my big gorgeous cockerel. The kids love them, and are so excited when they get home from school, they run to the garden to give them some corn and fuss. Would recommend as a great breed for kids.

Best breed ever! - Rob,

These birds are really friendly. They don't run away they just plod around the garden minding there own business.

Fantastic Pets! - An Omleteer,

These birds make fantastic pets and are so friendly and placid. Good around children. You can treat any internal and external parasites using an Ivermectin Spray as they aren't as hardy as some hybrids when it comes to parasites. Mine sneak into the kitchen to steal the cats food! I can certainly recommend them.

Best Breed Created - Matt,

Cochins are the best chickens ever!!! This oriental chinese breed are excellent pets, and are really friendly and are good mothers they also look like fat pom poms! Although they not a beginners bird as they need a lot of mite-killing powder and require a grassy floor and at least monthly washing to keep in good condition! They are a rare breed so buy some!

Beautiful, gentle giants - Janty,

Absolutely gorgeous hens. Big, fluffy knickers and very friendly. They plod around the garden minding their own business until grapes appear and then they come running.

Gentle Giants! - Madbird,

Lovely big fluffy hens and they come in attractive colours. Docile and easy to handle. Comical to watch as they run as they are such 'wide' birds. Ours haven't started to lay yet, but believe they are not the best layers - probably average, but they make up for this with their appearance and friendliness!

big friendly bundles of fluff - Chelsea,

Cochins are by far my favourite breed and I would not hesitate to recommend one to a fellow chicken keeper. They are very submissive with other breeds in the flock so very easy to introduce to an established flock of hens. They do not fly so can be kept with reasonably low fencing, and I have found that they do not dig my garden because of their feet feathering. Ours are very tame and approachable and look very funny when they run to greet you. They are very large so its best to have a large run to keep them in, although they are mostly feathers than anything. I wouldnt advise a cochin if you are looking for high egg production, ours were broody on and off all summer last year (08) and they are currently also on a winter break. I would buy another one tomorrow though - their beautiful looks & friendly, calm nature makes them a very special breed.

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