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Brilliant birds! - Charlotte,

I have five of these fab chickens in with a flock of about 30 other birds. They are all lovely and very friendly, but my cockerel Freddy definitely rules the roost! Considering their small size they lay quite a big white egg nearly every day. I'd recommend them to anyone.

nice pretty birds but flighty - George,

I have kept friesians before and have not found them very productive they are very timid and flighty not very good layers but are very pretty.

Ideal - Jayne,

My Friesians are very friendly, both cockerel and hen freely sit on our laps to scrounge a tit bit or just happy to sit and be stroked?..They will happily sleep on a spare lap until moved off. Lay plenty of eggs with a good sized yolk.

Excellent layers - Michael,

Friesian Chickens are excellent layers, and are good laying through winter. The are friendly but not too friendly. If you don't cover your run up at the top the will fly in tress and roost. Overall these are pretty and colourful birds (especially the cocks).

Dainty, with striking looks - Milly,

My Friesian lays 4 or 5 small, pearly white eggs a week. They are a bit bigger than a bantam's egg, although she is a small hen, not a bantam. She is very striking to look at and although small is feisty - she will square up to the bigger hens in my flock if they try to push her around. She's not unfriendly, but definitely does not want to be picked up. She hasn't gone broody, and only stopped laying while moulting.

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