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Beatiful and lovely bird - Larry,

These birds make excellent birds for children although their price is up to £1000 so the best way is to incubate the eggs.

A dear little bird - Catherine,

I got a little white frizzle just before Xmas. She is quite a bit smaller than my other birds but she is holding her own. She is a dear little girl, has already become very tame and is just so pretty with her funny feathers. I also have a Poland x Frizzle who is the prettiest chook I have ever seen and gentle with it.

- Melody,

I have a pair of Frizzles Piri (hen) and Nando (Cockeral) about 21 weeks old now. They are so beautiful and full of character. Piri is so tame and is a buddying parrot in disguise - she loves to sit on your shoulder when you sit in the run with them. Nando is not so tame but will run around your feet and sit on them. He is crowing but its not a loud crow (thankfully) , if there is a problem in the run or coop he will let me know and will crow for my attention - usually when they need water refill. Their frizzle is so beautiful and Nando's feathers around his neck is almost curly. I would definately recommend Frizzles to people to keep, they are pleasing on the eye, they are fun to watch and so easy to keep. Eggs - well I've had my first today from Piri and look forward to many more.

Frizzle - Jackie,

I've just started keeping hens and have a frizzle called frazzle, she's the most cheekiest, if there's trouble with the other hens shes always creating it or just joining in, she's so funny to watch.

nice birds but not with kids - Jackson,

They are very nice birds. But they may not be the best with small kids running all over the place in their pen.

Very Good Birds - Josh,

I have a pekin frizzle hen and she is gorgeous ! She makes me laugh the way she waddles and she is what I class as an exotic breed :) I love them!

Great... but not with young Children... - Ellie,

Great birds, sometimes shy, just not good with exited children. I am not an owner myself but have many family/friends who do. Very cute and friendly just don't like loud noises and children. Excellent otherwise!

Beautiful birds - Robinson,

We have a white cockerel and a white and a black hens. We also have silkies hens in with them and have produces some lovely "Sizzlies"! Some are smooth feathered but most of them are Frizzle like but with fluffy legs and grey feet with a top knot on their heads. They are stunning ! We have 7 of these chicks at the moment at about 6 weeks old.

Funny and friendly - Pipples,

These cute and cuddly birds are excellent pets. Easy to hatch and raise. Cute chicks grow into fluffy friendly adults. Be careful with drinkers as their fluffy feathers around their head can get wet and dirty. They have great characters and are very friendly. They mix well with other breeds as ours are in with some Silkies.

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