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Langshan Chickens

Langshan History

Thought to be one of the oldest breeds of chickens, the Langshan chicken originated in China. It gets its name from the mountain range in which it was first discovered. In 1872, the Langshan chicken departed from China and headed to England. Thought to be merely a poorly bred Black Shanghai chicken (Cochins), it was promptly bred with Cochins to improve its feathering.

Langshan Behaviour

They are cold hearty, but do not fare as well in the heat. Langshan chickens can thrive in most any soil, and are most suited to free-ranging due to their activity level. They lay up 150+ large brown eggs per year. Langshans are considered to be lively and active, but friendly.

Langshan Varieties

There are 4 varieties of Langshan chickens: the original, Shanghai variety, German, Australian, and Modern (bred in England). Most varieties are “leggy” and are bred for show. Males weigh up to 9.5 pounds, and females weigh around 7 pounds. All varieties have white skin, but black, white and blue feathered varieties have emerged over the years.

Langshan Status

Fairly Common

Langshan Pictures

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