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Legbar Chickens

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Legbar History

The Legbar was one of the first autosexing breeds created in Cambridge in England, by crossing Brown Leghorns, Barred Plymouth Rocks, with some Araucana blood (for the egg colour). The chicks can be sexed at a day old, according to their appearance. They are classed as pure breeds as their offspring will also remain autosexing. They are recognised by their 'top knot' or feathered hats and known for their unusual egg colour.

Legbar Behaviour

Legbars are inquisitive chickens and love nothing better than free ranging to get the best insects. They are active birds, with males being vigilant and protective of their flock. Depending on the breed, the hens can lay 250+ blue, olive or white eggs of a very decent size. 80% of hens will lay blue/green eggs, the rest will lay white eggs. The hens rarely go broody, making them a good addition to a back garden flock, with much sort after unusually coloured eggs. They cope well with confinement, but happiest when allowed to free range for some of the day.

Cocks weigh around 6.5 pounds and hens around 5.5 pounds, depending on the variety.

Legbar Varieties

Gold, Silver and Cream.

Legbar Status


Legbar Pictures

Cream Legbar Pair
Legbar Cockerel
Lilly the legbar
taming crested cream legbar
Shall we run or fly?
Where shall we go next then girls?
Just us four?
Legbar with her chicks
Female Legbar
Female Legbar
cream legbar chicks, males on the left females on the right  - Chartley Chucks

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Very nice - Seb,

I have two cream legbars which both may blue eggs almost daily and are pretty friendly. I was surprised with how long their spurs are for hens - both of mine have very sharp 3cm long spurs on each foot, but they are not at all aggressive. I think they look really nice and I had been wanting to get some for ages for the blue eggs.

owner of 2 cream crested legbars - Linda,

These hens are really lovely they lay well and are good looking hens easy to look after and although these were brought in to my rescue they are a breed I would go for if I wanted more hens.