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The breed came to England around 1830 from Asia originally for cock fighting purposes. They are very large birds and their upright stance, long legs and neck make them look even larger than they really are. The broad head with a small comb, rather fierce expression and projecting eyebrows sits on a wide neck and they are shapely, tight feathered birds, tending to be kept for ornamental purposes rather than egg production or meat. They are a long lived, energetic breed and there is a bantam version available.


Malay cockerels are intolerant of other cockerels, seeking fights with each other and attacking anyone attempting to go near to their hens. For this reason, they shouldn’t be kept in large groups and it is better to keep them as pairs or trios. However, they can also become very affectionate towards their owners and can be tamed. The hens often become broody but aren’t suited to sitting because of their long legs. They don’t tolerate confinement well and need plenty of exercise to maintain their sleek physique. Care needs to be taken with the placing of feeders which should not be on the ground as these birds are so large. Hens don’t lay many eggs and these tend to be confined to a very short laying period of only a couple of months a year. They are very large birds and cockerels weigh around 9lbs while the hens are 7lbs.


The Malay can be found in the following colours:- black, black-red, pyle, spangled and white.



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           Adopted Malay

- Lorraine, 05 June 2013

Twiggy was found wandering on a main road picked up and brought to me for some well needed TLC. Named Twiggy due to those very long legs, but grand kids affectionectly named meep meep Road Runner. She has settled in well with my three other hens mixed breeds only had her six weeks nobody has come to claim her and she is such a cuddle magnet. But last week she got very broodie and has taken over the lay box, she has not been with the roo but she has been sitting at the other side of the mesh with Jock at the other side he is a big lad more of a pet shares his coup with Tam his brother both the Roos follow me around in evening when all the single ladies are in bed. All my birds including two saved from the pot Peking bantiums, the big boys also saved from kneck stretching. Amazing at the peacefulness between them all. How long will twiggy sit for I have no fertilised eggs sometimes I get partridge eggs from gamekeeper which girls love and look after them as their own babies. Thanks for listening. Lorraine


- Manzo, 20 December 2012

I found these birds very aggresive and should never be kept with other poultry, which includes geese and turkeys. They will fight anything so are not a breed for the beginer. but they are very hardy and look after themselves amazingly well.

           They are a delight to own

- Lucy, 16 February 2012

They are amazing birds to own and are a delight to watch running around the field. If i could some them, up they are like thoroughbreds.

           Prehistoric looking

- Nigel, 12 September 2010

I keep 3 pairs of these large game type fowl and they are the least demanding of all my birds. They like to follow you around the garden to see what you are up to, also look very funny when running, they do come in bantam.


- Laurie, 03 January 2010

I think these velociraptors are lovely, but aren't to everyone's taste.... more fool them! They are gorgeously pre-historic and amazing to look at.

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