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Mille Fleur (d’Uccle Bantam) Chickens

Mille Fleur (d’Uccle Bantam) History

Translated, Mille Fleur means “thousand flowers”. This beautiful breed originated sometime during the 1800s in Belgium. The exact breeds used to create them remains a mystery. Although recognized as its own breed, the Mille Fleur is actually a color variation of the Barbu d’Uccle.

Mille Fleur (d’Uccle Bantam) Behaviour

Mille Fleurs are well known to be extraordinarily friendly and happy. They’re outgoing, chatty, and seem to crave attention. Due to their small size, they thrive in a run, but will appreciate the chance to free-range. But, given their bright, distinctive coloring and pattern, are easy targets for predators to spot. They’re impressive egg-layers for their size, producing 2-3 small cream-colored eggs each week.

Mille Fleur (d’Uccle Bantam) Varieties

The Mille Fleur is a true bantam, meaning there is no full-size variety. Their appearance is distinct: rich brown undertones with black and silver-tipped feathers. Their legs and feet are feathered, and they have single combs.

Mille Fleur (d’Uccle Bantam) Status

Fairly Common

Mille Fleur (d’Uccle Bantam) Pictures

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