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Nankin Shamo Chickens

Nankin Shamo History

The Nankin Shamo originates from stock obtained from Japanese breeders from Nanging Cty in Japan - Nankin being the Japanese pronunciation of Nanging. It is the lightest of all the Shamo breeds, much slimmer, more heavily feathered and has a very long elegant, pheasant like tail.

Nankin Shamo Behaviour

Being the smallest of all Shamo breeds, it is also the rarest. Very little is known about this small chicken, but it was originally bred for cock fighting in Japan. Like their much larger counterparts, they are powerfully built, very upright chickens, with small combs and tiny wattles. They are a very active breed and best suited to free ranging to prevent boredom. When hens do lay, the eggs are small, white/cream in colour, but they don't lay very often. Due to their muscular chests and lack of feathering around the keel, they don't make good broody hens and eggs often get broken when they are sitting. Males can be very aggressive towards humans and other males, (part of their breeding), so caution is advised. Regular handling of the breed makes them friendly, but It is still advisable to be wary of males.

Cocks weigh around 950g and fully grown hens 750-850g.

Nankin Shamo Varieties

Black, White, Black-Red, Duckwing, Splash and Wheaten.

Nankin Shamo Status


Nankin Shamo Pictures

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