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best chicken - Saeid,

best chicken for egg -200 ..250 one year Excellent behavior Environment friendly - Great The best chicken is produced Great quality eggs Cold resistance - 1 centigrade Heat - 40 Celsius Clever Resistant to disease Average meat weight - Rooster up to 4 kg - Chicken to 3,200 Good meat quality 20 years of experience in keeping this race Egg production is less than Leghorn than Sussex Behavioral and ethical - much more relaxed than Leghorn - a little warrior of Sussex

Roosters are nice to hens but not other roosters - Danielle,

I like to keep multiple roosters to keep my large flock safe. You can not have multiple roosters if one is a New Hampshire. They are very competitive and aggressive to one another. My rooster constantly goes at the others and must be kept separate because he is so mean. However he will jump on my shoulder and take naps. —— nice breed to show, nice to people, bad to keep with roosters.

Great Chickens and Pets !!! - Nathan,

Such a pleasure to have these birds in our property as free range. They behave so well, so easy to handle them like our own babies. They are very easy to train such as you call them " Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba" many times, since we taught them form the chicks, they will come running to you, so cute when they do that. We pick them and kiss them on their beaks and talk to them, they know who you are and they respond to you ...such joy to have them, we get plenty of eggs on top of all the funs we have with them ! This is our sixth year with New Hampshire Red & Rhode Island Red

Awesome Breed - Nash,

This was one of the first chicken breeds I owned.Still have two hens who are very good layers,and are very friendly.I would defintley consider this breed.I get large,light brown eggs,Beautiful light yellow,and I like my hen,Flight,that has dark red to her.

Great birds - Richie,

New Hampshires are and always have been my favorite breed of standard chicken. They look great and are fine layers. I had one that was as friendly as a pet dog. I find the roosters to be good natured people, including children and are fine with the hens too. I recommend New Hampshires for anyone who wants a reliable breed of chicken that is lovely to look at and very easy to keep. This breed embodies everything that a chicken should be.

Great Birds! - Christina,

My family decided to get five chickens on our acre lot. We went to the feed store and picked out our girls and brought them home. We started with the chicks in a large cage with a heat lamp before integrating them outdoors. We decided to let them free range and built them a coup. They were really funny in that they decided that they were going to refuse to shack up in their home each evening and opted for our Tulip Tree instead. That was not a problem until they also decided that they were going to refuse to lay in their home and chose random places around the property to nest. They also shared a nest and responsibilities. They would take turns sitting on one nest where I would find 15-20 eggs each day. They were very friendly and got along well with my kids, dogs, and cats. They even liked kisses on their beaks and to be held like babies! Our runt was the liveliest of them all and turned out to be our favorite. Truly a joy to have!

excellent - Lily,

Great chickens wonderful layers friendly

BRILLANT!!!!!!!! - Lyle,

My newhampshire (Snap) was a great hen she was laying good sized eggs every day.She was such a good hen she was not scared of the dog or our cat. So I would reccomend whis breed to anyone

- Tamana,

We have a range of chickens this range includes Amrocks, Silver Laced Wyanndottes and New Hampshire Reds. All large fowls. Anyway the breed that proves to be the most confident and friendly is the New Hampshire Reds (or Beckie and Ruby-name of chickens.) In all areas I believe New Hampshire are five stars, but I have to say they are not wonderful in the garden... due to our chickens being kept next to a garden centre they prove to be a little bit unfriendly to their field. Their favourite foods probably mealworms which can be found really in any country market. Mealworms are very expensive though so we have to be kind to our wallets as well and not give them too much! although all chickens like mealworms not just New Hampshires. New Hampshires prove to be the most quiet they still make a noise but it isn't as loud as our amrocks. The Hampshires are easy to tame and pick up, we tamed ours in about 1 week and a half, and now they have no fear towards us!:)

- Kate,

I have two Hampshires, Muriel and Bob. They are very tame and a great breed for first-timers and those with young children. They follow us around the garden and have no problem in being picked up. The two produce around ten eggs a week between them.

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