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Niederrheiner Chickens

Niederrheiner History

Niederrheiner chickens originated in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. This breed is the result of mixing several breeds, namely Orpingtons and Plymouth Barred Rocks.

Niederrheiner Behaviour

Niederrheiners are much like their ancestors, the Orpingtons and Plymouth Barred Rocks, and are considered to be friendly, easy-going birds. They’re a heavy, dual-purpose bird, capable of laying 200+ eggs per year.

Niederrheiner Varieties

Color variations include: crele, blue, cuckoo, and lemon cuckoo. Males reach close to 9 pounds, with females being around 7 pounds. There is also a bantam variety of Niederrheiners, with their full size reaching only 3 pounds or less.

Niederrheiner Status


Niederrheiner Pictures

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