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Very friendly hens - Phillis, Hampshire,

Good garden hens as they are too posh to scratch, they just peck around the in the flower beds and do not create havoc with your special plants. Not great at egg laying, particularly in the winter. Very friendly and good with children. They make ideal pets. Mine lived for nearly 15 years.

- Oliver,

Buff-orpingtons are my favorite type of chicken we used to have one...but sadly it died These birds are good with goldlines but some other breeds may harm your buff 10/10 review

Very Friendly - Tim,

Very friendly bird.They always come up to me when I come and give them food. They love dust bathing and huddle up together sometimes.

- Amy,

I was given two Buff Orpington females as a wedding present last year. I absolutely love them! They are very friendly, they keep very clean and tidy, they don't mess up my garden and they lay quite small eggs but very regularly. They are the perfect hen to get if you have a low fence too! Looking forward to getting some more! :)

A beautiful chicken, very docile and friendly! - Connie,

when I went chicken-shopping, I was just browsing when I came across these beautiful birds, they were calm and docile and just super friendly! I picked one up and I fell in love with her, get Orpingtons, they are beautiful, pretty chickens, with just such a peaceful, nice characters, I highly recommend the buff Orpington!!

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