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Red Star Chickens

Red Star History

Red Star chickens are a hybrid breed developed in the 1950s. They were the result of crossing a Rhode Island Red rooster with a Delaware hen for a bird that would be a high producer of large, brown eggs. They are now a prized breed for their ease of care and egg production.

Red Star Behaviour

Red Stars are highly adaptable breeds that are suitable for free-range or being enclosed. They’re friendly and docile, and can produce 240+ eggs per year. Red Stars are cold hardy and are heat tolerant. They’re not known for broodiness.

Red Star Varieties

Red Stars are sex-links, meaning they can be sexed at birth based on their feathering. Females have red downy feathers, while males are light yellow with some black. Mature hens will be red with white splotches spread throughout, and roosters will be all white. Grown roosters are around 8 pounds, and hens around 6 pounds.

Red Star Status


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